November 2008: If you haven't already returned a completed contract for your essay, please download a copy of the contract and follow the instructions below, starting from point 2.

1. Within a few days of being assigned to a review essay within the website you will receive an email asking you to return to a specific area of site to verify that the contact details we have for you are correct, unless you completed a contract prior to the launch of the website. Upon completion, a contract will be sent to your email address.

2. For each essay, we request that you print two copies, add your details to each contract, sign and return both copies by snail mail to the Publisher. The Publisher will counter-sign both copies and return one copy to you (for each essay). The Publisher will also add the "First Draft Due Date" within the website. Contracts should be sent to:

Justin Vaughan
Blackwell Publishing, 9600 Garsington Road, Oxford, OX4 2DQ, UK

Tel: (+44) 1865 467690
Email: [email protected]

Where essays have two or multiple authors, the lead author should arrange for all authors to sign the contract before submitting it. If you have any queries about the contract process, please contact Justin Vaughan.

A schematic of the contracts process is available on the second page of the submission process schematic.