Submitting your Review Essay

Authors will be able to submit their manuscripts to the Editors from March 2008. Please note - only first authors will have access to the website.

To gain access to the relevant areas of the submission site you will need to login with your email address and a password. You will receive an automated email containing your login details when you've been assigned a review essay title within the submission site.

Once logged in you should locate/select your review essay title within the list of titles which will take you to a page containing:

You will be able to upload text and images for three versions of your essay:

Please note that if you are responsible for multiple entries you will only be able to upload one entry at a time and that all your entries must be submitted as separate documents.

First Draft
Once you have written your article please submit a First Draft and a separate mini-bio (for you and any co-authors) to your Section Editor.

Personal Information Alert! This is a peer reviewed publication, and as a result we ask that everyone remove all personal identification from the draft manuscript and the electronic file. We also ask that authors provide a full set of author-information and a mini-bio. Could this be more contradictory? We are asking all authors to please submit the first draft of the review essay without author information. Mini-bios are going to be submitted at the same time as the first draft, but there will be a special place to upload these when uploading the essay. Author title/affiliation information must be provided to the section editor separately. Please be sure that your electronic file is not tagged with personal information. If in doubt, please ask your section editor.

Upon submission the First Draft will become locked while your Section Editor reviews it. Your Section Editor will forward your essay to two (anonymous) reviewers. When both reviewers have provided feedback, the Section Editor will upload their own recommendations. This will trigger an email alert asking you to download the reviewers' and the Section Editor's feedback and to create and submit a Revised Draft.

The deadline for the submission of first drafts is within 6 months of signing a contract.

Revised Draft
The Revised Draft version will be reviewed by your Section Editor to ensure their feedback has been addressed. If the Section Editor has additional feedback, you will be asked to modify and upload a 2nd Revised Draft and if necessary a 3rd. When approved by the Section Editor the revised draft will be passed to the General Editor (Robert A. Denemark and Renée Marlin-Bennett) and Managing Editor (Eileen Chetti). When reviewed by both editors you will receive an email alert asking you to respond to their feedback and to create and submit a Final Draft.

Final Draft
The Final Draft will be reviewed by the General Editor and Managing Editor. If minor modifications are required the Editors will make these and upload your entry as approved. If there are still major changes to be made you will be asked to modify and upload as a Final Draft once more. This process will repeat until both editors have approved your essay. When approved it will be passed to the Publisher for copy editing and typesetting. You will receive confirmation by email when your review essay has been approved.

If you want to upload corrected content for a previously submitted draft version that is locked you should contact the Managing or General Editor by email.

Please refer to the Help section if you experience any problems.

Schematic of the Submission--Review Process